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How to cover bar stools Step by Step Guide?

How to cover bar stools with a canopy is very important for bar owners. If you do not want your stools to be covered, you are the one who will have to clean them after every serving or every so often. Cleaning can be very tiring and tedious, especially if you have children around. Bar stools are also usually placed near the bar or kitchen counter, which can easily lead to spills and mess all over the place, and it can be quite messy when cleaning the mess.

How to cover bar stools with a canopy is easy and simple. You just have to find a fabric or curtains that will serve the purpose. Most bar stools have backs but this is not a necessity. If you are going for a more elegant look, you can use curtains, lace, brocade or velvet material. You just need to make sure that whatever material you choose will complement the design of your bar or kitchen counter.

When looking for materials to match the bar stools, consider the height of the bar stool and the height of the curtains. This will help you get the perfect fit. There are different lengths available, so make sure to go for the right choice. Having a curtain that is too short may make the bar stool look too low, which is not really appropriate.

The next step on how to cover bar stools with a canopy is finding the right material. Bar stools usually come in two types – ones that have backs and those that do not. If you want to cover bar stools with a canopy, you should go for the backless ones. Although they cost more, you will be able to save a lot more money when the stools are served. In case you cannot find the type that you want, you can also order one made from fabric. Some fabrics may be more expensive than others, so you should weigh your options first.

Another important thing on how to cover bar stools with a canopy is measuring properly. Since you will be covering the bar stools, it is recommended to measure the height and the length first. With this information, you can order the right measurement. It is also recommended to measure at the widest part of the seat. If you have to measure at the floor, you might have to deal with some difficulty since it will be difficult for you to get a good idea of the length.

In order to install the bar stool covers, you have to purchase the rods that will fit the bar stools. Before you buy the rods, it is important that you see whether the stools will be large or small. This is because if you buy the big-sized ones, there is a possibility that the height could be awkward. The next step is to hang the canopy on the bars and then secure it with the screws. It is essential that you screw the screws tightly into the bar stools so that it will be very difficult for you to remove them later on.

Once you have installed the bar stools, you can now add some accessories to the barstools. It is important for you to include a trashcan handle or a wall mount garbage can for added convenience. You can now place the bar stool covers on the barstools, and you can now serve drinks and eat foods on them. The best thing about bar stools is that they are very easy to store, clean and maintain.

These are just some of the things that you should know about how to cover bar stools with a canopy. If you think that this is just a simple method to decorate the bar and to make it more appealing, then you are totally wrong because this is indeed one of the best ways to beautify your bar area. You do not have to spend a lot of money in purchasing expensive bar stool accessories. All you have to do is invest a little effort to make it more beautiful.