How to measure for bar stools

How to measure for bar stools

Are you planning to buy the bar stools? There stand many challenges currently because of many branded bar stools proving with different styles, colors, and materials. But if you want to purchase the right bar stools you have to remember about the measures, the comfortability, the number of stools you need and so many things. Don’t worry, we are here for you to help in this section how to measure for bar stools and to choose the correct configuration for your bar. Hope you will enjoy it. So, let’s start.

Perfect bar stools measurement

Choosing the right one will make your guest sit comfortably at the bar counter. In addition, the exact shape and spaces between them will give a decorative look. The stools can not be too small or too tall. Too higher or too lower stools will make it uncomfortable and inappropriate to your bar counter. 

So, before browsing for bar stools, take note of the height of the bar or counter where you are going to use them. Get this number by measuring from the floor to the top of the counter. Once you got the measurement, you can look for a bar stool that approximately 10 inches shorter. This will leave enough room to sit comfortably with crossed legs.

Another is to measure the length of the counter or bar where you are going to place the bar stools. The length measurement will help you to determine how many stools will fit comfortably in your space so that people can get in and out of the seats effortlessly. 

For the widest part of the stools which has 16-18 inches seats, leave 21-22 inches gap between the chairs or if the seat is wider than 18 inches than place them between 24-25 inches. Keep in mind that if you choose stools that have arms or swivel then you will need to add a little bit more space between the two.

It is also important to keep a 9-13 inches gap between the seat and counter for more comfortable sitting. This allows an average size person to have plenty of space between their legs and the counter. Remember that, the round seat takes more space than the square seat. So if you need more stools then go with the square seated barstools.

Popularly there are four sizes of bar stools, the short stool, the counter stool, standard bar stools and extra-tall stools. Now, let’s have a look at the common sizes that you will feel for which is going to be the best for your bar or counter. 

  • The short bar stools are generally 22″-23″ from the floor to top, suits the 32″-33″ countertop.
  • Counter bar stools are 24″-28″ which is the pair of 34″-38″ countertop
  • Standard bar stools providing with 29″-36″ high befits the countertop with 39″-46″ high
  • Finally, comes the extra tall bar stools that come with 37″-40″ long which is comfortable with the 47″-50″ long countertop.

Style of the bar stools

Whether your counter area is traditional, rustic or contemporary, you can find stools that complement your look. There’s no need to be too matching. You can give a modern and stylish touch with stylishly designed bar stools. It becomes more easy and effortless when you have the right sense of features and designs to buy the correct bar stools. Let’s start the fun part. Take a look overall at the features and design to choose whether you want to match or contrast. Popular styles and designs included here for your easier action.

Barstool Features

No back: In case, if you are not going to spend much time sitting on a barstool then you can go for a slide backless stools for your counter.

Back with a lip for support: It has a little back up to mid-back for extra support.

Full-back: These are the most comfortable stools to sit for a long time. Your guest will love it spending long time conversation sitting on them.

Barstool Design

Traditional: These types of stools are generally made of wood. The back part is padding for a classic look. For your dining, stools with fullbacks padding is a good choice. If they’re for bars then backless with padding is a classic.

Contemporary: For a modern or contemporary look, you can browse for a stool made up of metal elements. The back hight will up to mid-back and padding for comfort.

Industrial: This industrial bar stools focus on metal and plastic material. They often provide swivels seats.

Casual: To provide a casual look you can choose a casual stool backless or with lip back. This is generally made of wood provided with a little padding back. This can be a great option for small spaces.

Adjustable stools

If you want to use a stool in multiple surfaces then adjustable stool is the best option. It will leave the option for the table, counter height, bar stool height, and many others. Inspired by industrial stools, vintage drafting tables, and chairs from the early 20th century these stools give a stylish touch to your bar or counter. Furthermore, if you have a child or small guest then you can smoothly rearrange the height of the stool according to your need. 

And Finally 

This is all you must know before shopping barstools for your counter. We have provided plenty of information verifying many sizes, brands, and other facilities but the decision depends upon your choice. You can easily measure your counter and buy barstools of the correct height and appropriate for your counter. 

This is the time for shopping now after having the correct measurement. So, go to your counter and measure the height and length of your counter with a tape accordingly to purchase the suitable one. If you follow the instructions, then you will enjoy the benefits of getting the right barstools. Leave a comment below that we can know about your thoughts after trying the formulas. 

Hope you enjoyed the article and got ideas on how to measure for bar stools? Leave a comment below so that we can recognize your thoughts.